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Kamis, 24 Juli 2014


Wowowooooo it's almost Lebaran! Unexpected, yeah, because I thought it needs a few weeks to go there but in fact it only takes FEW days!
few days.

Yeah as we know, time always runs so damn fast, and make me feel like oh great well are you sure?! Hahaha okay ignore it--"
All the same, I feel different in this Ramadan. I feel I'm a better person now (even though I still meet some obstacles to control my own emotion wahahahaaaa). I often hear people said devils are locked on Ramadan umm maybe that's the reason (why I can be better wkwkwk)

In Ramadhan, I introspect myself too much. I made a lot of mistakes to a lot of people, to myself, to Allah. Okay, maybe I've asked an apology to them (people) and perhaps they've really forgiven me, but it means nothing if I still replay that mistakes. Well you know sometimes we do mistakes by accident or spontaneously because it's been habits to us. Removing these bad habits evidently isn't as easy as knowing the words to your all favorite songs as saying it.

And then I try to think clearly; why don't you make changes? But I feel I'm gonna shout aloud "OH HECK MY DEAR SELF YOU THINK IT'S FAR FROM HARD?!?!"

Hey, it's not that hard. You can start it from the little things, right?

Little things?

Yes! First of all, be humble to everyone.

Be humble? Are you kidding me?

I know you've been humble but sometimes you talk brusquely, maybe it's kidding only and not abusive but it can hurt your friends that can't identify which is seriously and which is just kidding. Isn't it a mistake?

Yes, and... it doesn't sound so difficult?

You can, you only need to remember my advice all day. After you do the first thing, you will know the other mistake and bit by bit, you can change it. Changing something is not very easy, but not so hard. Most importantly, remember: you do it for the sake of your happiness.

Make this holy month unforgettable. It's never too late to change. Perhaps changes always hurt in the beginning, but changing is better than be changed, right?

I nod. I'm ready to change! I will never let myself falls into bad hole.
No, never.

It's about myself, it's about my future. And in this holy month, I wish a better 'me'!

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