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Kamis, 31 Juli 2014

Reminscing about Konferensi Penulis Cilik Indonesia

Do you know KPCI? Or at least have you ever heard about it?

A few hours ago, something came into my mind: why do not write in regard to KPCI in your blog? Actually I’ve written it give or take two years ago but I didn’t give details, so, to my mind, it would be better if I rewrite this.

KPCI is an abbreviation of Konferensi Penulis Cilik Indonesia (Indonesian Young Writers Conference). KPCI is carried out by Penerbit Mizan and Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan Indonesia every year since 2006 (correct me if I’m wrong). It aims primary school kids in Indonesia.

Sometime in 2012, I knew KPCI for the first time—I was at sixth grade. It offered us some contests, one of them is writing contest. The requirements weren’t so complicated; you just needed to make a short story—only A4 five pages!—and ask your headmaster to give a signature on your printed-out-story. Wasn't it easy?

And I didn’t have any reason not to feel very excited! I told everyone in my home that there is a KPCI contest and if I can be the finalists, I will be invited to Jakarta for a few days to be the part of that conference! Oh my God! I’m very happy Mom Dad please wish me a luck!

So I typed my story enthusiastically and finished in a few days. With a little help from my mother, I could entitle my story well. When my story has been posted somehow I felt aaaaahhhh would I be the winner? Or at least the finalists? Uwwww would I go to Jakarta, meet new friends, and blahblahblah more?

One day in November 2012, unexpectedly I received a call from someone. The number was from Bandung! I thought lots of positive things and … jreng … you know? I WAS THE FINALISTS OH MY GOOODDD THANK YOU VERY MUCH! BELIEVE OR NOT, I WAS ON MY PROVINCE’S BEHALF! Hahaha I was slightly over-excited but I didn’t care, most importantly I would be the part of KPCI 2012, yippee! And you know, the accommodation and transportation are paid! Wahoo! I didn’t know why and how, but I had a feeling in my gut that would be an extraordinary experience!

On twenty sixth of November, I went there with my headmaster and another representative from South Sumatra by airplane. Huhuhu though I felt a little sad because I had to leave my hometown Palembang for a couple days. Nonetheless, I was vigorous again when I arrived at a hotel in Jakarta. I checked in and I got a room with a little girl in it, namely Fitri. She was still at fifth grade. She was the finalist too. Anyway, she was from West Java, and she wore veil.

To be honest, I was anxious. What if I don’t get any friend—besides Fitri? What if nobody wanted to befriend with me? What if? What if? I don’t know anyone here! I was afraid. Everything looked like a dark world. Ultimately I could allay my fear. There was a lot of finalists. Saying hi and smiling to them is obviously simple, and after doing that I can find new pal easily. Why should I feel worried? Didn't I have a lot of Facebook, Twitter, and BBM friends that joined this event? I just needed to text them and say such kind of: btw where r u? I wanna see you xx

Then I had my lunch. I met my BBM friend, her name was Nadia. By the way, she was cute as a button! She was from Lampung and had a long black hair. Hihi. She was outgoing too. I came to her bedroom afterwards and she introduced her room-mate. We—I, Nadia, and her room-mate—lay our back on bed and talked about everything—our live, how could we be the finalists [ah, miss it so much :( ]. Sometimes I couldn’t help laughing my head off due to their damn funny stories… Hahaha! They were humble, good listeners, and fun.

At night we walked to ballroom, had dinner and listened to speech. I sat with Nadia and Fitri. Oh yeah, all of KPCI got cute notes, a KPCI yellow shirt, a pen, a yellow little bag, a KPCI white shirt [but it was too big to me so in the end I gave it to my mother haha =))]. Most importantly, we were assigned to jot down our friends’ name, their telephone numbers, and where are they come from—you know, at least 80 friends! I was taken aback by it and slightly lazy to do that. But it was okay; after all, I’d to enjoy every little thing here :)

After that we went to bed. For your information, my bedroom was very cosy HAHAHA! [luv it so matttt]

On second day, we had breakfast and I met A LOT OF my ‘dumay’ friends! They were so friendly and I talked a lot with them. So glad! Then the competition would be started again. Yeah, the finalists had to write a handwriting short story and the best stories would be the ‘real’ winner. But first Kak Benny Rhamdani told us how to write story well, how to gain idea, and how to overcome writer’s block. These are so useful information!

And the competition was started. The main theme was travelling! It wasn’t so difficult, but … we must finish it in TWO HOURS! Arghhh obviously I couldn’t do it well because two hours wasn’t enough for me. And I had a feeling in my gut that I would lose :(

Next, there were some games. Oh yeah! We were divided into some groups and I was part of group... three maybe? Or two? Hahaha I forgot :D. Each group had to make its own yell-yell. I still remember perfectly that our yell-yell is KPCI Style wuahaha =)) [it was adapted from Oppa Gangnam Style song]. We danced Gangnam too, grahahaaa it was so damn impressive! I laughed a lot—you know? HAHAHAHAAAAA CAN I REPLAY THAT AGAIN

And… this was the third day! The winner would be announced at Kemendikbud’s Place! Uuuhhh my heart throbbed… and… the winner[s] is ....


Not me. I lost. I lost my chance. I should’ve written my story flawlessly! I was extremely sad but my headmaster said no problem; the most important is I’ve been here and it’s great! He appreciated me so much. [I’d never found headmaster like you, Sir :”]

I really lost. Still, I realized it was not about whether I win or lose, but it was about the lovable experiences I had gotten here. I smiled. No problem. At least I had made my family proud.

Afterwards we painted the town red to refresh our mind! Wahoo! We came to TMII, got the bus (I got bus 2!) and made another yell with Kak Benny. We watched a good film at TMII, and I felt beloved. I saw my friends here; they were watching this film seriously. Somehow I thought... my friends at school were studying while I was laughing all day and feeling so... happy.... It was an indescribable feel. This feel was too wonderful for words.

Unspeakable. I enjoyed this feeling so much. Ahhh, miss it.

Then we left and back to hotel. At night we went to ballroom and listened to Kak Rama. His speech about family made me homesick. Suddenly I miss my mom, my dad, my sister, my brother, ah, I’d back soon! But I was deeply sad because I must leave tomorrow. I must leave my dearest friends, this damn awesome moment, and this memorable hotel, and... finally most of us cried. Me too. I felt very blue. Especially Nadia; my beloved best friend. The one who accompanied me everywhere I went although I wasn’t her room-mate.

I loved everything here. I couldn’t leave, but I must. I saw teardrops everywhere, and then I hugged Nadia.

“I’ll miss you,” I whispered and tried to be strong. Then I said the same words to Fitri. I asked an apology to her because I’ve ever bitten her head off... and lucky me, she said it was okay. Fitri is one of the best friends I’ve ever had. She is very truthful, and a really damn good girl. Argh!

The next day: we really left. Nadia went first, and I was with Fitri. But then I got away too. Maybe that’s the last day I’ll see my friends, and I felt I would cry for the umpteenth times. Nevertheless, I thanked so much to Allah. Thank you for making me meet them. Thank you for making me enjoy this happy remarkable four days. I hope someday I’ll see them again, aamiin.

So, if KPCI is carried out again, don’t waste your chance. If you are still at primary school, you MUST join that event. You MUST, you HAVE TO. Trust me, you’ll never regret it. It’s free and fun, what’s the excuse not to be the part of it?

And there is only one word to describe KPCI 2012: unforgettable. I miss you guys. So much, so far.

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