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Selasa, 01 Mei 2018

to everyone who feels like falling apart

Since each of us walked life in different lines, we all are teachers to some others, aren’t we?

My mom once told me that adolescence is when you’re trying to figure everything out. When you don’t feel like the person you’re transforming into. When you have that at least tiny feeling in your gut: this is not where you belong. The kind of where you mean is not always a place. It might be time. It might be a person. It might be a self. It might be perception. It might be your heart. It might be hard.

You are horribly clueless.

You are told what to do, what you should be. What is right and what is wrong. The world gradually turns ashy, pale. Fading.

Here is when you start to mistrust the cosmos as you blame it for your purposeless life. You don’t enjoy this new view. You blame it for draining your emotion. For you bleed. You’re breathless. Dead beat. Done in. Shattered.

What’s dreadfully worse is everyone else seems to be so fine! And knowing how to face the death of the youth: future! While you’re here sticking with vanity, pathetically looking forward to some kind of familiarity to survive, because, back to the first problem formula: this is not where you belong.

Well, the first thing I want you all to know is that everyone, every freaking one, is literally feeling the same way. You are not the only one in the world. In the school. In the class. Everyone is as broken as you.

And the second is that some people grow up and old with the belief that living consists of black and white, which is messing their days up. Blinding. Don’t you know life is never that colourless?

Deterioration, yes. Life is somewhat brutally cruel. But guess what?

Billion people have suffered too yet eventually they found where they belong—they made it through.

So why not you?

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