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Minggu, 18 Desember 2016

One Semester Been Done

Satu semester lewat sudah, goodbye asrama, finally I have two weeks holiday! :D

Alhamdulillah, nilaiku bisa dibilang baik, dan senang juga ya akhirnya pulang. Benar-benar pulang... santai... tanpa tugas dan semacamnya. Walaupun masih dihantui naskah, and it's really creepy. By the way it's noon and I haven't had my breakfast already - laziness oh laziness. (Still dealing with that bad behavior, yeah, I know)

Apa, ya? So many worth talking about but I don't know where to start. Uhm, dormitory is... like... I meant, it's a bit hard to describe. I used to ask whether dorm is better than home - well, it's so silly. Home is always the best place, but in dorm I get much more fun! Look at those friends and food and sooo broooaaddd building and the whole school is mine!

Sounds great?

I learnt much about how to talk and interact and socialize and that people are sooo various. What appears doesn't always what it actually is. And I practiced English less and it's baddd exceptionally bad. Fortunately I got a task of wriing a biography in English and I finished it! It's about my mother and she is so happy to read it. I thought it is such a usual thing but well I was wrong.

I'm not sure about my English improved but I guess yes? In writing, particularly. In speaking I still use basic words, my vocabulary suddenly becomes smaller. In reading I feel better. In listening... always been the hardest part, I meant, what the heck are they talking about?

And now I use much less swear words, I think it's an improvement as well? :p

And by the way the thought of coming home is the best part in dorm, when I miss something so much I can be torn into tears so... better not to think about that? But it kept creeping me oh why.

This is such a random hoho sorryyyy mates.

Point: 2017 IS CLOSER OH MY GOD.

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