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Minggu, 17 November 2013

My Biggest Dreams

Halo, Assalamu 'alaikum! :)
It’s not about the past, or now. It’s about the future.
Sometimes I think ‘oh how I wish it happened to me ....’
But, sometimes I just save it in my mind. I don’t do anything for make it “truly happen”. Sometimes I don’t try to achieve my dreams. Sometimes I let my dreams float... thennnn
leave me.

Oh. Wow.
One of my biggest dreams is make my great future. So, what can I do for make that come true?
Let’s see.

First, I study hard. I wish I could study harder, you know. But… sometimes I also feel dizzy because too much books to study. And, I always think, ah, I will study harder—I hope hardest—a couple days before examination.
However, I know that’s a false thinking.
Actually I know if I don’t study harder know, I’ll regret it in a few days before my exam. I know it.
But the laziness comes to me every time I want to study. See?


So, now, I’m opening my nature book. I’m studying! :D I’m studying! Believe or not, I’m studying! :p No, I lie, hehehe. I’m not studying nowwww :p

Second, I improve my English and also my grammar. Eits, I do it not without occasion! I do it because English is a global language. So, if someday I go out to another country and I don’t know how to back to home, I can ask people with English. Surely everyone understand English, right? If I ask them with Indonesian, I think they will give me a ‘not understand’ smile then leave me alone.
The other occasion is… I want to be an exchange student! I’ve told you, right? Yeah, exchange student! And, in my school, my teacher insist us for improve our grammar. She said our grammar still poor! ._.

Third, I try to more understand about math, especially ALJABAR. Aljabar. Seven characters, one word. Just one word but it can make my friends dedicate a faint smirk! Hahahaa!
Math isn’t too hard, I think. It’s just need a healthy brain and not suntuk brain. Okay, I must admit if I often feel tired during I answer the math test. But, believe or not, I take the math ekskul u know … And in my ekskul, math suddenly be a happy subject and fun game. But, however, I think the test is killing the students slowly ._.
Okay. Aljabar is not bad, for me. Aljabar sometimes be a good friend because I spend almost all my time just for answer the question :)))
Math has a greaattt fascination for me!

Fourth… I want to make my family especially my parents proud of me! Yeah, being a girl who make her parents proud of her is everything for me. Right? I think you also think like I think (hayoo, ngerti gaaa? :p)
So, for make this fourth dream can come true, I do everything. One of them is write novels and stories for publish as much as I can! If I can publish many-many-and-many books, of course my parents will be happy like me too. And, I want to get the first rank in my class again.

Actually I still have the other billion dreams, lho. But I know I can mention those all in this posting. I just save the dreams in my heart so I can make those all COME TRUE! Yeah, like that.
My dear friends, how about you? Would you mind to tell me your biggest dreams? ;)
Wassalamu 'alaikum .... :)

2 komentar:

  1. smile then leave me alone. --> kejem._.
    apalagi ini ---> I think the test is killing the students slowly
    I think you also think like I think (hayoo, ngerti gaaa? :p)---> ini kah maksudnya: ''aku pikir kamu juga berpikir apa yang aku pikir'' oh, pikir everywhere.
    Trust me, you can do it.

  2. wakakakk, makasih komennya XDDD
    iya, amin deh :)) :D


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