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Sabtu, 22 Juni 2013

Friends Forever?

Halo, Assalamu 'alaikum! :)
So this is about me and my friends. Want to see our crazy photo?

See? Let me tell you.
That's me on the left, and Yoland is beside me. Dhira is on the right, and Thara is between Yoland and Dhira.
I look so different in these photo-,- but i feel i look cooler (?) ngahahaha. Now, I want to tell you about my best friends.

She is... cute, I think? wahaha. She has fair skin. She is smart in photography and English. She is also smart in acting, and sometimes I cheated with her acting >,< wkwk.

Sometimes I hate her because she is slow ato kasarnya bisa dibilang lemot. Yah, like that. She is like Dhira, love take a photo and narsis-narsisan bwahahaha. But she isnt smart in photography. She is good in academic. She often lie to me, but I am too smart to lied :p

She is my 'bebeb' XDD. She often 'lemot' and I hate i but she is very honest and I love it :D. Sometimes, if I get out from class, she will invite Thara and Dhira or open my exercise book and copy my answers. And I catch their act when I enter to class, dan anak-anak dekil itu nyengir doang :p.
She often give me hugs, and i miss that moment :( hh.

You know? I love them with all of their deficiency, xixi.
I make a poem special for all who feel my best friends. Here it is.

I still remember
our glory days
when we laugh together
about our madness

I still remember
when we do the stupidness
when we say 'friends forever'

But ... do you still remember too?
I hope yes.

Dear you,
Thank you for make me can crazy with you
Thank you for change me to be better
Thank you for always help me when I need

My life is completed with you, guys.

NB: sorry if my poem is bad, hehehe.

Oke, bye ^_^
Wassalamu 'alaikum .... :)

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