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Minggu, 05 Juni 2016


Guess what?

Counting days to kelulusan. Farewell party has been celebrated; not lots of tears like I used to think. Line group of my class began to be... a bit deserted? Because we lack topics now, probably. What else can we say? We have been told that national exam scores gonna be announced June 11 and it's more than enough.

You might think I was so busy with my life that I didn't update this blog anymore. Well, I was--I meant, look at those unprinted files, the sooo thick books unread, and the course waiting for. I couldn't handle time pretty well, maybe. I preferred to post in social medias than blogs due to lacking of time.

So here I'm, in case you miss me. (screams: no, we don't, Ninda!)

Anyway, I got a new laptop!!!!!!!!! Finally, after spending days thinking how to write my stories. Well, who likes to write in gadget? It's unfamiliar. Even the really ingenious writer needs comfort to write. Ok I don't really now, I'm not one of them.

Okay. I'm going to be a freshman next year! Sleeping in dormitory for a year... wow. Gonna be such an experience.... I was so excited to welcome my new school till I realized that it's intimidating. I have been comfortable in my middle school. Who doesn't? Knowing every single person from every ninth grade, going to a cozy class and fun friends, loved by teachers (who doesn't love my class? none. I wish.), I meant, I have been so delighted here... why do we all have to move away? Leaving everything?


Still, nothing lasts forever and life goes on.

Welcome me, new life!

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